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Of course, Ireland "the great little country to do business in" is involved. One sniff of a billionaire is all it takes for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to stand up, hands in the air, bowing to them.

An empty office building in Dublin is the registered address of more than 800 limited partnerships. These partnerships are designed to limit the "exposure" of investors.

They were set up for wealthy clients from Russia, and eastern European former Soviet Union countries.

Ireland is just one of many hiding places.
More than 30 world leaders and 130 billionaires dotted around the world are included in the leaked Pandora Papers.

The leak also contains information on more than 300 public officials. That's possibly the most sickening thing about it. These public officials pretend to have the interests of the public at heart when really, they are lining their own pockets in a murky world that defrauds us all.

There really isn't anything surprising about this, we seem to be on repeat with scandals of the rich hiding their money, earned off the backs of exploited workers. Workers pay their taxes and suffer higher taxes than necessary thanks to the greed and selfishness of the rich.

Internationally we've had the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers which also had many links to Irish based tax avoidance "schemes" and "vehicles". But let's not forget the Irish scandals of Ansbacher, National Irish Bank and Bogus Non-Resident Accounts too.

The rich have no end to their greed, it is a bottomless pit. They're constantly paying their loyal minions to come up with devious schemes to hide their ill-gotten gains. Their selfish ways are facilitated and encouraged by FF & FG every time.

Meanwhile, PUP and Social welfare recipients get chased for every cent.

The homeless numbers rise while empty offices are used to help the rich hide their ill-gotten gains.

It has been proven that the richer you are the less empathy you have for others and here we are creating more and more millionaires in the Dáil and in our public services. It will not end well.

Are we waiting on another International scandal or even an Irish one to shock us into action. Is this one not enough?

Empty offices used to hide the money of the rich while our sons and daughters can't buy or rent a home. Tax avoidance of the super-rich helped by the Irish State while our grandchildren might not have a world to live in?

When will enough be enough? We need to rise against a rotten system. Time is ticking

pandora papers pantomime - ireland at heart of global tax evasion
Ann Gerety Smyth writes about the Irish links in this latest scam for the rich!