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Sinn Féin fail to support expulsion of Israeli Ambassador - the shape of things to come.

Many Sinn Féin members will be disappointed that their TDs voted along with the government's motion on Palestine and voted against an amendment by People Before Profit that included the expulsion of the ambassador of Apartheid Israel.

The government motion included that the Irish state "emphasises Israel's right to defend itself from attack" and that their actions "must be in line with international law."

Sinn Féin voted with the government motion after adding additional points condemning the deaths in Gaza, the forced displacement of the Palestinians and the restriction of water and fuel.

This means supporting the right of the Apartheid state to "defend itself" - but after 75 years of brutal occupation and violence by Israel against the Palestinians how can anything Israel does be called "defence?"

The violence didn't begin last week. It began with the mass murder and expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 and has been ongoing ever since. Israel is a brutal Apartheid regime that has no right to exist - just as Apartheid South Africa had no right to exist.

And Israel is far more brutal than even the South African regime was. Sinn Féin TDs called for peace and dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians - but they seem to have forgotten the saying "no justice, no peace!"

Their sentiments echo the failed Oslo Accords and the disgusting so-called "two state solution" - which accepts Israel's right to exist and leaves the people of the West Bank and Gaza in a chopped up state that just isn't viable.

Eoin O'Broin said peace can only be won through dialogue. The Apartheid regime and its imperialist backers in Washington must laugh at such utopianism. Only mass movements of workers and the poor in the surrounding region, accompanied by people power support in the West can bring Israel down.

Sinn Féin TDs also failed to support an amendment from People Before Profit which called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador, holding Israel responsible for Al-Ahli Baptist hospital bombing and for Netanyahu to face the International Criminal Court.

Only TDs Richard Boyd Barrett, Mick Barry, Joan Collins, Catherine Connolly, Gino Kenny, Paul Murphy and Thomas Pringle rose in support of that motion.

Sinn Féin have been courting the establishment lately. Their budget promised a safe pair of hands to the rich. They've also been ditching protest movements as they see themselves entering their "end game" of coalescing with the establishment.

This means that socialists have a duty to say - yes, we are strongly for removing Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael from government and will vote for Mary Lou McDonald for Taoiseach. We need to end 100 years of rule by the right.

But we cannot join a Sinn Féin government. Instead, we must support them from the opposition benches on a case-by-case basis. That way there are voices to hold them to account when they inevitably compromise.

It's time to stop treating the working class like children and be upfront about the need for more significant change than Sinn Féin (who court the imperialists in Washington, agree with Israel's "right" to defend itself and produce budgets that keep the rich happy) can ever offer.

As Sinn Féin race headlong towards the establishment, someone needs to call it out.

The Red Network of People Before Profit will continue to fight for this sensible socialist position.