A Red Network Statement
The media is full of horrific images that report to show Palestinians taking Israeli hostages and Israel has responded to this morning's incursion by Hamas and Palestinian fighters by bombing Gaza killing hundreds.

Hamas launched a surprise attack this morning, capturing Israeli Defence Force vehicles and inflicting Israeli casualties.

We have to stop and think to see through the fog of war and understand what is really happening.

Israel inflicts a brutal occupation and Apartheid regime on the people of Palestine. The violence of Israel is done to uphold oppression.

The violence of the Palestinians is to end their oppression. They are not equivalent either in quantity (Israel kills thousands of Palestinians for every handful of Israeli casualties) or quality (even if they both caused the same level of injury the Palestinians are fighting to be free!)

The great military writer Von Clausewitz said that war was policy conducted by violent means - the fact that the world's biggest military monster, the USA, fully backs Israel tells you that Israeli violence is seen as a bulwark holding together the interests of corporate America in the Middle East.

Israel is America's guard dog and they arm it to the teeth and justify their war crimes.

The governments of the world have stood by as the people of Palestine and particularly of Gaza have been starved and brutalised. But they have not submitted. They fight back. They have every right to.

Every working-class socialist should stand 100% with the right of the Palestinians to resist their oppression. Don't allow the moral panic of the Murdoch run media like Sky News and Fox convince you that Israeli violence is ever a "response" - they are the instigators of all violence because they oppress an entire people.

The only real solution in the region is an uprising of the Palestinians backed up by the working class of surrounding nations to establish a single free Palestinian state. Anything else, like the so called two state solution, is just an offer of a dismembered false state under the thumb of the West.

Here in Ireland, we need to take to the streets to defend Palestinians from the coming Israeli attack, which will undoubtedly kill thousands.

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