the individuals masquerading as "concerned" citizens are anything but!
James O'Toole writes about the far right and their draconian support for the establishment
Far right parties love to hide behind lies and smokescreens. One recent claim is that there is no far-right involved in the recent anti-refugee protests, and it's just "concerned citizens!".

Funny that those "concerned citizens" - who love to tell people online to "do your research" haven't bothered to notice that all those protests are led by well-known fascist figures like Hermann Kelly, Derek Blighe and Philip Dwyer.

Kelly used to work for the Catholic Church newspaper and wrote a book attacking a victim of abuse before moving on to become a dogsbody for Nigel Farage (a rotten little British racist).

The terms left-wing and right-wing have their origins in the French Revolution. The National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left.

The right supported the status quo but the left were for radical change and an end to rule by aristocrats. Left meant you wanted change, while right meant that you defended the king.

The terms left and right stuck and worked their way into everyday language. In countries like Britain you had the Tories on the right, representing the rich and Labour on the left, misrepresenting the working class!

As the traditional left threw themselves into supporting the capitalist system, those who continued to support real change were termed "far left". Parties like People Before Profit are far left - they stand for taking on the rich and empowering our working-class communities.

During the water charges movement, it was the far left who pushed for big mobilisations which pushed back the charges. We've been fighting on every issue, local and national, that impacts on working class people.

In the 1920s the failure of both right-wing and left-wing parties led to a rise of the "far right". First in Italy and then in Germany. They were more extreme defenders of power and privilege than the traditional right wing.

They were willing to use mob violence to attack workers.

The far right fascists in Italy burned down working class trade union halls and attacked left wing workers. They were thugs in the service of the system.

Most of the time the rich prefer to give us the pretence of democracy and a sham parliament but when workers rise up, the rich can turn to the far right to smash the working class.

Hitler was used as a means to crush the German working class movement, he burned books, sent left wing workers off to the camps and began systematically murdering minorities.

Even today far right maniacs like Graham Carey call for attacks on striking nurses and work with criminals to stir up racist violence which they hope to turn on the left - they help the system tackle real opposition.

The far right have many of the same political positions as the mainstream right wing parties. But they are anti-worker, they are racist, they hate women's rights, they mobilise mob violence against the left.

The bank bailout hit the votes of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael hard, so they half-heartedly embraced repeal and other progressive issues to get votes. Many on the far right were disgusted that the establishment would give up on the Church and moved even further towards fascism.

But most of all, the far right are pro-capitalist. They defend landlords and the private property of the rich! The far right are often led by middle class men who resent the bigger bosses above them but they hate the workers below them. There's always men in suits pulling the strings behind the street thugs.

They want to feel a bit of power by smashing the worker's movement. That's why they don't talk about the fact that they are for capitalism. They hide behind racist smokescreens to hide their true face.

The far right have never come to power by their own efforts. They have to be invited into power by the bosses when there's a crisis and the bosses need help breaking the working-class. Mussolini had to be protected by the traditional Italian army when he did his infamous march on Rome.

Hitler was invited into power because the establishment felt they'd run out of options to hammer workers and they were scared of the far left.

The far right are the enemy of every working class person. They want the same old capitalism, that's resulted in record numbers in homelessness, but with jack boots on. It would be a nightmare society where repeal would be overturned and all of our rights stripped away. They'd burn books before moving on to people.

We need to remember that right wing means support for the powers that be, far right is the same anti-worker politics as the Thatcherites in power but far, far worse. We need to rise up against a rotten system that treats us like garbage and reject the poison of the far right.

Far right means capitalism on speed, far right means the return of Church rule, far right means gangs burning down union halls and attacking workers. Far right means poor people fleeing war and persecution battered on the streets of our cities and towns. These are not "concerned citizens" - they are nothing more than manipulators who stir up hate.

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