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Portugal 1974 - when workers and soldiers united in revolt.
By Jim O'Connell

In the last few weeks in Olhao in the Eastern Algarve region of Portugal an online concert of songs commemorated the 'Carnation Revolution' of 1974. This event, like many others across Portugal, shows how strong the memory of the '74 revolution is among the Portuguese working class...
By Sharon Briggs

In late 2020, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil tried to rush through a motion on CETA so they could ratify a trade deal that could endanger our environment and compromise our society dramatically. With the so called "Green" Party a part of the current government, this was shocking. It has exposed the Greens and created turmoil within their ranks. The leadership is showing it's true colours and the party is haemorrhaging leading elected councillors on local authorities. Sharon explores the agreement and its ramifications..
the land development agency - the privatisation of public land.
By Cllr. Madeleine Johansson

The new Land Development Agency has been described by People Before Profit's Richard Boyd Barrett TD as "A trojan horse for the pillaging of the public land bank". Here, People Before Profit Councillor Madeleine Johansson looks at this sell-off of public land and what it means...
St. brigid's hospital in carrick-on-suir, county tipperary has been stripped of equipment and shut. but, the people are fighting back.
By Anne Wall

From days of providing many services, such as maternity, emergency and general hospital care, St. Brigid's Hospital in Carrick-on-Suir was commandeered as a COVID treatment centre during the 2020 pandemic. But, there was much more to this than met the eye and in April 2021 the hospital was deemed "unfit for purpose" and equipment was removed. The government have refused to meet local a concerned group of residents and a local struggle has grown to demand the re-opening of the hospital.
how do we break the golden circle of the ruling class in establishment ireland. can left government deliver for working class people?
By James O'Toole

You know who they are. The entitled elite - billionaires, bankers and bought politicians. All together they make up the ruling class in Ireland - but most people know them as the 'Golden Circle'.
When we talk about neo-liberalism - the running down of public services to justify selling them off to private profiteers - it's the Golden Circle this neo-liberal strategy serves...
the top ten times that the irish government has let women down
By Maeve McGrath

We should never forget what women, particularly working class women, were subjected to.

Inequality is still rampant in Ireland and the fight must continue for a socialist Ireland, where inequality and oppression are things of the past. In this article, Maeve outlines just ten of the many times that establishment Ireland has failed women.

the irish state and revolution - a review of the latest book by renowned socialist activist and rebel telly anchor james o'toole.
By Dave Smyth

It is very rare that a book on modern Irish history is written without jargon and from the perspective of someone who grew up in a deprived part of Ireland which is largely ignored, overlooked, failed and demeaned by mainstream politicians, the media and many others. Dave read this book with great interest and gives his unique perspective on it in his own typically concise way

bessborough - the horrors of church rule at just one of the many so called "Mother and baby homes" that plague our recent past.
By Margaret O'Regan

The Report of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation has shown that 923 children in the so called "care" of those who ran Bessborough died. This Commission confirmed the burial place of just 64 of these children. Margaret explains...

ten quotes from 1916 rising hero and committed socialist james connolly that are well worth fighting for in today's ireland
By James O'Toole

James Connolly not only believed that people could run things for themselves, he devoted his life to helping workers realise this shared dream. In this article, James O'Toole looks at ten quotes from Connolly and relates them to the struggle faced today under Irish neoliberal capitalism by working-class people nationwide.
the radical left brought the swedish government down after keeping their promise and holding them to account from opposition
By Cllr. Madeleine Johansson

The Swedish Prime Minister was forced to resign over a proposal to dismantle protection for renters. He lost a vote of no confidence which has resulted in the government collapsing. In this article, Madeleine explains how the genuine left in Ireland can learn from this and demonstrates how a future Sinn Féin government can be kept in check by Socialist TD's.
the war between azerbaijan and armenia in the near east that nobody in the west seems to want to talk about!
By Anne Wall

There's a war in the Near East - but it's not one you've heard about in the news. One side is backed by Russia and the other has the support of Turkey. The war is over the control of the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. There is some interesting history that has led to the current situation and the conflict that is ongoing. Anne Wall explains.
By Red Network

A newly released report shows that climate disaster is looming - and the sleepy Greens won't stop it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report summarises the work of an astonishing 14,000 scientific reports. It shows that we may reach a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2034 - a situation they describe as "code red for humanity".

the government's latest "housing for all" document is another missed opportunity and just more of the same failed housing policies!
By PBP Councillor Madeleine Johansson

The government's long awaited and much delayed Housing For All Plan has finally been published after much argument between Fine Gael and FIanna Fáil regarding the level of funding to be committed to it. It is quite a lengthy document but it falls far short of what is realistically required to tackle the ongoing housing and homelessness crises that are of FF and FG's own making!
pandora papers pantomime - Ireland is at heart of this latest global tax evasion scam for the rich!
By Ann Gerety Smyth

Of course, Ireland "the great little country to do business in" is involved. One sniff of a billionaire is all it takes for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael to stand up, hands in the air, bowing to them.
recent behaviour of owen keegan, dublin city council chief executive, demonstrates how democracy is being completely eroded!
By Cllr. Madeleine Johansson

The Chief Executive of Dublin City Council Owen Keegan has been heavily criticised recently because of a letter he sent to UCD Student's Union. In the letter he suggested that the student's union should provide student accommodation themselves.
the cost of becoming a qualified teacher in ireland is beyond the reach of the very people who would make great educators
By Joseph Stynes

Some of the people who are the most suitable to be teachers and educators of young people are the ones who are being excluded from the teaching profession because of the outrageous exclusionary costs that are heaped upon their shoulders.
50 years on, Bloody Sunday acts as a warning of the true nature of the powers that be, and what they are capable of
By Red Network

The Bogside in Derry had barricaded itself in to defend the community against vicious sectarian attacks by the notorious B Specials. The monstrous British state shot down 13 people for merely asking for civil rights. A 14th later died from injuries.
putin is a war monger, but the us and nato are too. don't let the irish government sacrifice our neutrality for imperialist games
By Red Network

The Irish government have been trying to get us into an EU army for years, that's why they signed the PESCO deal.
They will accelerate the erosion of Irish neutrality using Russia's invasion of Ukraine as an excuse.
the outcome of recent elections in portugal should give the irish radical left much to think about when it comes to "left government"...
By Jim O'Connell

'Portugal's Socialists have won a big victory!'. This recent Guardian headline would make you think that the people of Portugal had risen up and thrown off the shackles of neoliberal capitalism.

But unfortunately, that is not the case.
growing up in gaza under israeli occupation - a young palestinian man tells of his harrowing experience in this "open prison"
By Bahjat Ahmed

Israeli blocades, the heavy handedness of the IDFand brutal crelty towards Palestinians is documented and reported globally. Here, a man who grew up in Gaza city under Israeli occupation tells of the experience and the impact of life growing up in Gaza.
important lessons for irish trade union leaders from events in the uk and the stance of mick lynch from specialist transport union rmt
By Red Network

'Unions that fight and stand up for their member workers grow, while unions that don't tend to shrink and lose out to bosses.

In this brief article we look at what lessons can and should be learned from the words and stance of Mick Lynch as he tackled the British media in defence of workers and we recommend a new book on unions that every Irish worker can read and learn from..
public transport throughout ireland leaves so much to be desired with infrequent and unreliable service a common feature
By Anne Wall

From scheduled busses and trains not showing up or being cancelled at short or no notice to entire routes being scrapped, we need to totally rethink what public transport is all about in today's Ireland.
brazilians go to the polls to elect their new president on october 2nd. we take a look at the candidates and the prospects
By Kevin Creagh

While there are 11 candidates, the big battle is between incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro of the right wing Liberal Party and former President Lula Da Silva of the soft-left Workers Party. The results of this election will have significant consequences.
The republic of Ireland Women's soccer Team - Their Long Road to The World Cup
By Kevin Creagh

This team are an inspiration but without the determination of the team of 2017, without their decision to stand up and fight back against their terrible treatment, this would not have been possible. Change can be won if you fight for it.
despite all the hope and fanfare, budget 2023 fails to deliver for the working class - in spades!
By Dave Smyth

Yet another missed opportunity by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil as they once again let workers and families down while attempting to pull the wool over their eyes in keeping with their persistent neoliberal approach to managing the rotten Capitalist establishment
so, the blackouts have begun, but not for the data centres!
By June Maher

Get the candles ready and the torches charged as we see the start of the power outages that will leave us all freezing and in the dark while the data centres continue to suck the power grid dry with astonishing subsidisation from a government that just doesn't care!
to all workers - a message from construction worker and socialist activist gus mcdonald
By Gus McDonald

With recession looming, Gus writes about the Irish labour movement and it's relationship with the trades usnions as well as warnings about how that needs to change as we head into uncertain times and the conditions for recession.
a message to all sipTU members, delegates and staff, from a water worker regarding the struggle to keep our water in public ownership
By John Mullins

John tells it like it is as these brave workers find themselves forced to challenge their own union in a battle to make sure that our water services remain in public ownership and that the workers remain public servants on the terms agreed.
a red network statement on the mass sacking of workers in the tech sector
By Red Network

Varadkar lied to workers in Social Media companies and across the whole tech sector in a typical neoliberal approach that seeks to pit worker against worker while letting the rich do as they please. We are ALL workers - blue collar, white collar, factory or tech!
government minister seeks to ignore democracy and also disregard the planet by overturning a vote by local elected representatives
By Madeleine Johansson

The Fine Gael Minister for Local Government Peter Burke is expected to overturn a democratic decision by South Dublin councillors to ban data centres.
the far right use fear and the housing crisis to promote racism and attempt to breed division in communities
A RED Network statement

The fringe far-right agitators are spreading lie after lie about refugees and asylum seekers to try to mask their racist hate in order to try to bring fear to communities. Here, we explain who they are and what they are really all about.
it's a lie to say that a rise in rape and sexual assault cases in sweden is due to a rise of immigrants
By Madeleine Johansson

Changes to the laws regarding how cases are reported and recorded in Sweden is a major factor in the rise of sexual assault and rape cases, not the arrival into the country of refugees.
mass evictions only serve to further contribute to the ongoing housing crisis and the eviction ban should be extended
By James O'Toole

Landlords who make people homeless in multiples by issuing mass eviction orders in flat and appartment complexes are contributing to the already out of control housing emergency. Government needs to act to stop this practice and protect tenants.
those claiming to be concerned citizens and ranting racist rhetoric at anti-refugee protests are far-right linked agitators
A RED Network statement

The agenda behind the people organising and speaking at the recent anti-refugee protests stems from the racism and hate filled lunacy of the various far-right movements in Ireland (and beyond). Here, we identify some of the key players and their real agendas.
can a sinn fein led government actually deliver for the working class and how can socialists best make sure that it does
By Dave Smyth

With much talk over the past while of a future government led bySinn Fein with others, we take a look at what challenges will face any so called left government under capitalism and what establishment Ireland will likely do to scupper it, and how Socialists whould act.
The cost of war goes far beyond the lives it ruins, there is a massive cost to our environment and an impact on climate change too
By Anne Wall

The impact of war has far reaching implications for the many ecosystems that we require to sustain all life on this planet and in this article, we look at the incredible polution that war causes and the impact that this has on our already badly damaged environment.
There may not be a coup against a sinn fein led government, but not because the establishment and the ruling class aren't nasty enough!
By James O'Toole

The recent media fuss over the newly launched People Before Profit pamphlet on left government and the need to remove Fianna Fail and Fine Gael from power focuses on the potential for a coup against any such government. Here, we explore this in more detail
No platform on cork local radio
By Jim O'Connell

Jim writes about a radio piece that followed a demonstration and a counter-rally in Cork.
with the recent collapse of U.S. and Swiss banks, we ask if we are heading towards yet another banking crash and financial crisis?
By James O'Toole

First, Sicicon Valley Bank were in trouble, then Signature Bank, both in the USA and shortly followed by Credit Suisse in Switzerland. All three banks have had to be rescued by the state in the case of the US and by a rival in Credit Suisse's case. Is this the start of another global financial crisis? James reports.
for so many reasons, the decision by sinn fein to accept an invitation to the coronation of a monarch is so very wrong, wrong, wrong!
By Dave Smyth

Our very recent past, the disgusting nature of monarchy, the future of our island nation and what a potential Sinn Fein government might deliver are all aspects of the long list of reasons that Michelle O'Neill's decision to accept an invitation to the coronation of King Charles is a deeply disturbing and wrong choice.