red network statement on the sacking of tech workers in social media & ict
Leo Varadkar lied to workers in social media and across the entire tech sector
Leo Varadkar told you that he represented the "people who get up early in the morning" and told you not to worry about high rents because corporations would come and provide jobs with decent wages.

He tried to convince you that you were part of the middle class, and that you should ignore pleas from less well-off workers for public housing.

He demonised social housing, guaranteeing a captive audience for private landlords to exploit.

And he said those €2,000 per month rents were not a problem. But now they are!

Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and other tech oligarchs woke up one morning and decided to ruin your lives.

How the hell can you pay your rent on the €208 per week that social welfare will give you? You can't. Nobody can!

Varadkar tried to convince you with dog whistle attacks on welfare recipients and attempted to imply that the safety net of social welfare is just used and abused by layabouts and welfare cheats.

It was nothing but divide and conquer to prevent white-collar and blue-collar workers linking up and understanding that we are one, we are all working class.

Class is not about your accent: your bosses control the company and workers get a wage to generate the profits that the boss then lives lavishly from.

You are a member of a disposable class that is seen as expendable to the parasites and profiteers.
Also, the coming recession means that many more tech layoffs are coming down the tracks. So, moving from one job to another won't be possible.

The truth is, Varadkar wanted to pull the wool over your eyes and hide that truth: that we are all workers, blue collar, white collar, factory, or tech. We are all workers.

Bosses might have the power to hire and fire as well as abusing the influence of their massive wealth and using it to exercise control over pet politicians, but us workers have strength in numbers. We can shut things down!

Tech workers should unionise, organise, and resist. It’s time to stand up to the billionaire bosses and relearn the forgotten art of striking.

There's sure to be a lot of confusion among tech workers as your life is turned upside down. But you can organise, and you can fight.

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